Before, the lumber was a tree, the tree was processed into lumber, the lumber was used in buildings, the buildings lived, the buildings were torn down, the lumber was discarded or saved, the lumber was made into art, the art lived, the art was burned, the art died, the art becomes lumber again, the lumber degrades, its death leaves the soil nutrient rich, a sapling consumes the nutrients.

This work evokes death and rebirth. The tripod creates the tension linking these two realties. The action depicts a moment frozen in time; an everlasting struggle.

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Created at Franconia Sculpture Park as part of an artist residency, Reclamation is an investigation of tension between two reclaimed objects.  The work will be exhibited at the park for one year. Be sure to check out the park if you’re in Minnesota!

To view the process of creating this work visit the process page under the reclamation menu or click here


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