Pictured: Hyperobject (bottom), Blue Sunrise ( top left), and Study of a Blue Sunrise (center)

Remnants is 2020 body of work created for a solo exhibition at Visarts Center, MD.

The exhibition assembles cracking mud from Vermont and Pennsylvania, 400 lbs of water from the Delaware Estuary, Icelandic winter light, a Pencil Pusher, and music by Patsy Kline into sculpture, video, projection, and framed artwork. These elements merge into larger themes relating to complicity, absurdity, the myth of progress, cycle, silence, spirituality, and climate change. 

As a contribution to a greater, collective conversation, the work arrives through questions— how do we enter into greater reciprocity with the world, each other and non-human beings? How do we facilitate practices that un-sever and reimagine a future based on thrivability?”

These questions serve as a contemplative architecture that reacts to and builds from a re-imagined reciprocity with the Earth.

Pictured: Hyperobject (bottom), performance video of Sisyphus Wears a tie (left), and Study of Eikos Mythos (right)
Sisyphus Wears a Tie, Performance Video

Included work in Remnants below. Click the image below for more information about each work.

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