Metaphorical Honey

A temporal sculpture in communion with its place

Metaphorical Honey
Icelandic clay, light, time, net factory
6″ X 60″ X 60″

Metaphorical Honey is made from reconstituted clay and mud collected from the fjord and embedded in the floor of the old industrial net factory. As the sculpture ages and cracks, a light shines from its center revealing an inner space.

Accompanying poetry read with two voices


Intimate Space

does not conform.

A contained and container.

Concentrates and radiates.

Matter given.

Sub-stance in their ex-tance

Power of expansion.

Space of intimacy is

The Object of Poetic Space — is

World Space — becoming Identical

Space is nowhere.

Metaphorical honey

will not be shut up.

Expansion of Infinity.



Surfaces. When

human solitude deepens,

Immensities touch and

– Isenberg, 2019

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