M-emet and Golevka​

The word emet is a Hebrew word that comprises of three Hebrew letters: Aleph, Mem, and Tav. In Jewish teaching, Aleph symbolizes the past, Mem symbolizes the present and is associated with pregnancy and water, and Tav symbolizes the future. Together— aleph, mem, and tav spell emet which means truth.

M-emet (Wedge) and Golevka (organic form).

Photo Credit: Kate Warren @gokateshoot (Instagram)

Golevka is a true scale model of the near-earth object named Golevka. I downloaded the 3d scan of this .5 Kilometer astral object from NASA’s open source 3d rendering website. Using fusion 360, I split the model into sections, CNC’d the sections out of foam and cast the model out of iron— bringing the form back to its primal material. Golevka is made of an array of different elements: iron, water, silica, sodium among others.

Related Encounter

Deep within Shenandoah National Forest at the bank of a stream, the truth can be felt, seen, smelled, and listened too. Entering into the I and Thou, I begin to see the brook as— is. And the brook sees me. It seems never-ending. The bouncing light glitters off of the stream’s surface. It never ceases, slowly eating away the rocky basin, which fades backward towards the water’s beginning. To imagine a droplet’s journey— rain, melted snow, or a natural spring trickling down a slope becoming a stream, drawing veins, and replacing the earth. Somehow, the water always finds its way home— to a river, lake, pond, puddle, or ocean only to be evaporated and begin again. But our very birth was among the stars. Asteroids formed from exploding suns that carried precious frozen water and bombarded young earth billions of years ago. Molten earth off-gassed H2O and carbon among other compounds to form the atmosphere and oceans. This violent primordial past is hidden deep within our material existence.

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