Shenandoah river water, steel, time
40″ x 34″ x 72″

The word emet is a Hebrew word that comprises of three Hebrew letters: Aleph, Mem, and Tav. In Jewish teaching, Aleph symbolizes the past, Mem symbolizes the present and is associated with pregnancy and water, and Tav symbolizes the future. Together— aleph, mem, and tav spell emet which means truth.

Deep within Shenandoah National Forest at the bank of a stream, a truth can be felt. You can smell it in the air. Never ceasing, the water slowly carves away at the rocky basin. Where does it begin? To imagine a droplet’s journey— rain or melted snow falling through a slope becoming a stream, and transforming into veins that stretch across the land like our lungs bringing air into the body.

But how did the water get here? Where did it come from?

– Isenberg, 2019

M-emet and Golevka

Golevka (right)
Cast Iron
16″ x 20″ x 18″

Golevka is a scale model and the name of an existing astroid categorized as a “Near Earth Object (NEA) and potentially hazardous to life on earth. Created from a 3D scan from NASA’s open source 3D rendering website, Fusion 360 and a CNC were used to fabricate the object in foam sections. These sections were assembled and then cast in pig iron to recreate the the astral object out of its real material and “bring Golevka down to Earth.” Golevka is primarily made of iron among other trace elements.

Placing Golevka and M-emet together creates a conversation between the two forms and materials, drawing a relationship between the sky and ground— the heavens and the Earth.

– Photo Credit: Kate Warren @gokateshoot (Instagram)

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