Glacially ground earth with high silt ratio from the Northeastern United States, bisque fired ceramic, time. 7″ x 60″ x 60″. 2020

Can You hear me? At the edge, I sit listening. To the silence of winter getting louder. Standing in a bowl formed by primordial forces. Round as Ymir’s skull— so large, we can’t see it all. Only glimpsing traces. What comes before the utterance? A home in


The depth is grounding. It fills me with tension and terror. 

With life. 

And a remnant of a revelation too vast.

That I Am a crater— defined by what I lack— a million years in a moment. 

A creator.

That I Am the Silence before words          can You hear me?

Mud is the foundation of life— the primordial soup where we found our beginning and will find our end. The material’s ability to stick together when wet is a unique quality that slows erosion and directs rivers. When combined with root systems, rivers become sinuous. These curves create mini ecosystems and increase biodiversity.

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