Horizon Disc 1

Think of the light as neither alive nor dead, but as spectral

Horizon Disc 1
Plexiglass, acrylic, cast paper
26″ x 26″ x 4″

The work functions as a container for the spectrum of colors and light experienced during a sunset in Joshua tree— an object that contains what is between alive and not alive.

Constructed from two convex surfaces, this sculptural painting series is be experienced rather than viewed. The subtle curved surface refracts the light and color it contains and changes through out the day and as one moves around the work.

The more we think ecological beings— a human, a tree, an ecosystem, a cloud— the more we find ourselves obliged to think them not as alive or dead, but as spectral. The more we think them, the more we discover that such beings are not solidly “real” not completely “unreal”— in this sense, too, ecological beings are spectral… The difference between life and non-life is neither thin nor rigid.”

Timothy Morton

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