Earthwomb is a response to living and working in Seydisfjordur, Iceland at the Lunga School— to the feeling of roundness in the fjord, the sense of cycle and our (forgotten) human relationship to and our interdependence with Earth. Referencing the human womb, Earthwomb was born from the creation of a contemplative ritual of collecting, walking, and is one of return to reciprocity with the land. From the performance I created a two-channel video installation (a short excerpt of which can be viewed below).

Video Excerpt
Listen to the plants sleep. 
They don't mind the cold.
Sink into Silence and the world comes alive, as honey in a tree. 
I dream I am the size of a pebble or a seed.
To explore their infinity— in my house that is round as Ymir's skull.

I am killer. 

Warm and empty in my mother's womb. 
Cracking to pieces we are still. 
Glued together by the space between them, the space that once held them together, 
the space between that broke inside them. 
That broke inside them. The water broke inside them.

To pieces into dew.

Poem by Monroe Isenberg

Earthwomb process video below

The crater is made from earth and clay within the mountainside of the fjord.
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