Blue Shadow

Blue light is Earth’s memory

Blue Shadow
Plexiglass, acrylic, cast paper
32″ x 32″ x 4″

Under deep, compacted snow, the world turns blue. Towards the surface, this world exists on the edge of perception. Down deeper and hidden from view, the blue envelopes everything, until something like a glacier melts away and reveals the blue world underneath it all. 

Scientist drill deep down into the icy blueness to retrieve ice core samples. They use these cores to understand the composition of the atmosphere millions of years ago by examining trapped gasses. With humans melting the Earth’s ice, these ghostly gasses escape- disappearing our ability to understand geological history. With no new ice formation, we lose our access to the deep blue world and erase our present from future earth’s history. 

As a type of fabricated relic, this work attempts to capture the blueness existing just underneath the snow and serves to preserve an icy blue memory. 

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