Attend: The Space Between


What is found in the space between?

Attend: The Space Between
Mixed media
120″ x 156″ x 48″

Attend: The Space Between references Martin Buber’s— I and Thou— where two individual objects dissolve into one another and cease being separate. The sculpture simultaneously acts as two individual forms and as a complete whole. The viewer is free to see both and may oscillate between viewing the formal, more sculptural elements and the non-material, phenomenological aspects of the work. Moments of de-objectification may occur.

The ways in which a viewer moves around the sculpture will alter the viewers experience and relationship to it. From the side, only a large white wall can be seen. From a three-quarters viewpoint, an opening can be seen. As the viewer moves closer towards the middle, a darkened opening can be seen within the center of the two walls. Only from the center can the viewer interact with this “merging” phenomenon. The viewer’s relationship to the sculpture are in constant flux and change depending on the angle the work is perceived.

Photo Credit: Kate Warren @gokateshoot (Instagram)

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