A Collective Conversation: The More-Than-Human World Library

What is a moment or time in which you exited yourself and entered into a larger conversation with nature?

How can we share meaningful actions and rituals that connect us to land, place, and beings outside the human experience

The More-Than-Human World Library
Digital Library project
Please visit conversation-projects.com to view the library

We live in ​A More-Than-Human World—​ a​ world built from intersecting webs of complex relationships and multiple intelligences. We humans are not at the center but a part of an inconceivable greater whole. As author and ecologist David Abram says, ​“We are human only in contact, and conviviality, with what is not human.”

Supported by VisArts Center, this year-long, global project was developed in response to the pandemic and in an effort to expand definitions of community, maintain healthy connections, and develop relationships with ecology. Democratization of the creative process was one of our goals. This was accomplished by inviting people with varying arts and non-arts backgrounds to contribute their multimedia reflections relating to the theme. The submissions coalesced into a digital knowledge bank that articulates multifaceted relationships to land, ritual, material and mythology— which we presented during the International Media Architecture Biennale produced by Queensland University in Brisbane, Australia.

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