A Collective Conversation: Observing a Year

How can we share meaningful actions and rituals that connect us to land, place, and beings outside the human experience?

What is a moment or time in which you exited yourself and entered into a larger conversation with nature?

Please visit conversation-projects.com to view the library. We are still evolving so please consider participating in this evolution by submitting your material here. More information below.

The More Than Human World Library, is a decentralized and growing knowledge bank that will unfold over the year 2021 through collective imagination and participation.

We are currently archiving shared practices that approach a more-than-human world. To create this library, we are inviting 365 people (symbolizing a year) to respond creatively to the following sample prompts. Participants may submit any and all formats and mediums ranging from photos and videos, to sound, writing, poetry, books, and other types of conversations.

Organized by Sobia Ahmad and Monroe Isenberg.

PDF invite and how to submit info below.

Conversations: Observing a Year percolated out from Sobia and my experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic, current social justice movements, and the climate crisis. Through our exploration in the confluence of these spheres, we saw a need for a tool that could bring together different practices, beliefs, ideas, and stories about an interdependent world— a tool for imagining different futures.

We are currently working on the beginning of this participatory, ecologically-focused, socially engaged digital library that collects submissions of individual experiences, practices, and wisdom(s) about A More Than Human World. Our intention is to organize the collections and form a ‘pluriverse’ of stories beyond the human-centered perspective. It is our effort to curate a digital space that engages in healing practices, democratizes art-making, and is a resource for learning.

Submissions will be released within the archive on a quarterly basis and include stories of ​transcendent experiences, ancestral stories, rituals, or any other practices that relate to the More Than Human World. Submissions can respond to the following questions as a starting point: 

— What practices connect you to land, place, and beings beyond the human-centered perspective?
— What related mythologies or rituals have been passed down to you from your ancestors? 
— What is a moment or experience in which you exited yourself and entered into a larger ‘conversation’ with nature
or something else?

Submissions will be accessible through a digital library organized into themes that will organically emerge. Encouraging active participation and knowledge sharing, we will host four quarterly events using the archive (online or in person pending COVID-19). Facilitating these workshops and larger discussions is an invitation to learn new and evolving languages that enable greater participation in the world around us.  Our first workshop will take place on the Spring Equinox in March though https://www.cultivateprojects.net

At the end of 2021, we are scheduled to present the project and completed workshops to the VisArts Center community who awarded us a small grant to support the beginning of the project in 2020. We are in need of additional funds to successfully accomplish the project’s goals in 2021 and appreciate your fincial support!

Funded in part by F.E.A.S.T from VisArts Center.

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