A Closer Walk

A Closer Walk
Video: 2:51
Choreography: Nana Anine
Installation and video editing: Monroe Isenberg

A Closer Walk is the first collaborative work with Nana Anine, a dancer and choreographer based in Hamburg, Germany. Anine’s movements respond to a coarse fishing net, hole in the floor, and the abandoned fish factory in Seyðisfjörður. She wiggles, sways, contorts, and struggles ironically to “Closer Walk To Thee” by Patsy Kline. The performance is an uncanny exploration of the themes of femininity, sexuality, piety, restriction, and spirituality. Contextualized by the decaying factory, Anine’s movements draw from the tactility of the forgotten fishing net found and pulled from the ocean nearby. Her choreography within this minimalist architectural intervention simultaneously presents ideas of futility and contentedness, and unfold from the conversations and experimentations between a visual artist and dancer.

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