Life in Wood

To Examine a Life in Wood is the newest edition to a larger body of work entitled Safeway Redux. While my previous work subtly critiques our capitalist heritage, investigates the strength and beauty of reclaimed materials, and brings back to life the discarded lumber used in an old Safeway supermarket, To Examine a Life in Wood  presents something different to the viewer. Also created from reclaimed material and the reductive carving process, the work’s circular, twisted, and oblong form engages the multitude of lives and histories that wood possesses. A tree is destroyed, milled into lumber, used in construction, and becomes a man made object with purpose and function. Throughout its lifetime, the wooden object interacts with its surrounding area and acquires history. Eventually, the item will become obsolete and lose its purpose. It may be destroyed and left to rot or reclaimed, while carrying with it, the history that it has procured. When the wood inevitably decomposes, its profuse history inhabits a new form. Its decomposition gives life to other organisms: animals, fungus, bacteria, or other plant life and the material lives on through these organisms. Thus the cycle is born: one that encompasses the material’s previous lives and points to a cyclical history, where the material is forever reincarnated.




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