About: Safeway Redux

From Lewis and Clark College, head North on SW Palatine Hill Rd. At the traffic circle take the 1st exit onto SW Terwilliger Blvd. Turn Left onto SW Taylors Ferry Rd. Turn right onto SW Spring Garden St, and take a right onto SW 19th Ave. You will arrive at Safeway, a mega corporation and hub of our consumer society. Upon its destruction, I scavenged its discarded old growth lumber and timbers destined for the city dump to use in my work. Consequently, our society’s capitalist heritage inhabits the conceptual space in the wood.

Carving demands physicality and requires movement; it destroys to create. I begin by carving down the dimensional lumber to create curvilinear and geometric form. I destroy its function to release beauty held under its weathered patina. Its industrial purpose is irrelevant now. The excess sawdust from the carving process will be used; I discard nothing. The product of my destruction— a simple hour glass form carved to its breaking point that engages with the natural structure and strength of wood. As I subtract and reveal, the masses may collapse under their own weight and destroy themselves. Or will they stand?


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