120”H x 96”W x 96”D

wood, graphite, wax, iridescent medium, coal ash, slag, steel aircraft cable, light, water, pigment, mechaduino

The heavy, darkened form illuminates the liquid underneath and sends ripples through the liquid.

Ante-chamber came into being through coinciding traumas: the death of my young dog and the funeral of my oldest living relative in my Jewish family, which took place one day after the mass shooting of the L’Simcha congregation in Pittsburg in October.  

From the mourners Kaddish prayer service—

“How difficult it is to walk in the valley of the shadow of death.”


“It is from God that we come:
And it is to God that we return.

Our few years on earth are a prologue to the drama which continues beyond time. 

For thus our Sages taught:
Life is an ante-chamber to the palace of eternity.”

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