Artist Statement


Stillness becomes awareness,
Silence— Amplifies connection.
Struggle to understand becomes


To create.
Words disappear,
Making encounters mystery.

Water, earth, plants, light, space, feeling, and time are teachers. They bring gifts of connection that are glimpsed in moments of silence and stillness. Though difficult to describe, these moments emanate intuitive clarity along with questions. How can we understand and make meaning from these un-severed moments?

From these questions and the lens of Jewish experience and imagination, I (re)create rituals conjoining sculpture, installation, performance, mark-making, and new media. My work serves as architecture built from the search for meaning. It invokes open-ended contemplative participation and questioning.

This process unveils invisible relationships, interdependence, and becoming from which my visual language unfolds. Out of these themes, my work contributes to collective conversations and questions about how we enter into greater reciprocity with each other and non-human beings. I am guided by these questions and respond to practices that construct polyphonic futures where all can thrive.



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