Artist Statement

My creative interests lie in the transcendence of water, earth, forests, light, time and the power of storytelling. What can care for these life-bringing forces teach us about our relationship to the world? How do we make meaning from the moments of beauty that somehow emerge out of a world dominated by trauma?

In searching for meaning (often with futility), I perform rituals that result in sculpture, performance, mark-making, time-based media, and social engagement from the lens of Jewish teachings and mysticism. Culminating in a visual language that approaches the feeling of being in relationship with the world, these actions become imaginative forces that challenge the status quo.

I view my work as a small contribution to collective conversations and questions about how we may enter into greater reciprocity with each other and non-human beings. By building objects and spaces, and weaving experiences into new relationships, I seek to participate in those wider efforts that cultivate polyphonic and thriving futures.



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