Sefer Series

Sefer is the Hebrew word for book with roots in the word sifriyah or library.

Cast washi paper on concave form and archival ink, hand made maple frame
70″ x 70″ x 4″

Viewable on this page is the first of four sculptural drawings that comprise the Sefer Series.

Through repetition and cyclic movement, I work and spiral outwards. A small accidental shake of my hand compounds and creates waves that undulate throughout the paper. By embracing my mistakes the work unfolds and grows in unimagined ways. The ripples expand exponentially, slowly fade, or die quickly. They create a fluid-like landscape made of valleys, peaks, and plaines. The mark takes on its own will which I must balance with my own. Working with the medium of potential, I may passively let the mark guide itself or actively interfere with the cycle’s becoming. This act dissolves my sense of self. 

I glimpse traces of wisdom in the space that was once my self.  Our reality creates itself and forever expands outwards through time and space. Yet, we have a role in its formation. It becomes more clear how solidarity inspired through the current social movement and the pandemic are rattling oppressive and self-perpetuating systems. The change we feel is real and slow, but the system is guided by momentum and what has come before— 400 years of white supremacy.

But the current movement for humanity is building momentum of its own. This new reality reveals itself through collective and individual suffering, pain, and resistance as well as moments of communal joy and healing. Fueled by a pandemic, it’s rooted in practices and questions that inspire care, solidarity, and protection. Togetherness in this way expands outwards and inscribes in our futures new peaks, valleys, and plaines. These respectively resemble hopeful changes and progress, loss and set backs, and a whole lot of nothing. Although it appears invisible and at times hopeless, we are in the process of collectively writing a new chapter in a human book that resembles Sefer. Through active co-creation of this world, we maintain hope and power to make ripples of our own. It just begins with one small shake.

Process video

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