Through repetition and cyclic movement,  I work and spiral outwards. A small shake of my hand compounds and becomes waves that ripple through the work. By embracing my mistakes, the work unfolds in ways I cannot imagine. The power of a small change in movement is made known and can either continue outwards towards steady or exponential growth, slowly fade, or die quickly. I give up control and enter into the works becoming. I am forming a universe and listen to her language. I work with the medium of potential and must be active in creation.  The cycle dissolves my sense of self. The mark takes on its own will and power to expand over time and space. Through the process, I begin to see the pandemic and cycle differently, and how social movements can shift and change. We all make ripples and impact reality, even when it’s invisible. It begins with one small shake of a system.

Cast paper and archival ink

Process video

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